Here's what the RJ-ABIH offers for teams of its members:

Telecheck - Coordination of New Business - Affiliate RJ / ES Telecheck ® - Intelligence and Technology Credit
Phone: 21 2123-0562 / Fax: 21 2589-3639
Site: www.telecheque.com.br

Alliance Française
Information Center: 0800 55 0000
Site: www.aliancafrancesa.com.br

Estacio de Sa University
Cooperation agreement, aimed at developing academic and / or professional providing for the grant of scholarship in some of the current courses of the University Estacio de Sa for active employees and their dependents of the member. For further information contact the Service Center Estacio de Sa.
Phone (21) 2563-0000.
Site: www.estacio.br

University Veiga de Almeida - Exemption from registration fee and discount on tuition.
Information: 0800-24-6172.
Site: www.uva.br

Bank of Brazil - Credit Lines special. BB Giro Fast, Discount Checks, Prepaid Credit Card (Credit Logista).
Information: www.bb.com.br - "Your Company".

Association of Woodworking and Carpentry Industries of Rio de Janeiro - reduction in the rate in VAT (18% to 12%).
Information: (21) 2262-2160/2532-1624/2240-1904

BNDES - Credit line with current interest of 1% per month.
Information: (21) 2277-8888 and 3088-8888

IDEAS Institute - Enables consulting programs that can be performed by municipalities or by a group of entrepreneurs, operating in the areas of strategic planning, diagnosis and implementation of actions. Information: Phone 2522-2421

Maria Eugênia Street, 300 - Humaitá - Rio de Janeiro - RJ, 22261-080 • teléphone: (21) 3410-5131